Everyday Life - Does following Jesus make you feel anxious?

Dec 25, 2018


Welcome to United City Church, a community where faith and beliefs intersect with everyday life. We understand that following Jesus can bring about different emotions and experiences, including anxiety. In this article, we will dive deep into the topic of following Jesus and the potential feelings of anxiety it may evoke. Our aim is to provide comprehensive insights and guidance to help you navigate this aspect of your spiritual journey.

Understanding Anxiety in the Context of Faith

Anxiety is a natural human emotion that arises in various situations, and the experience of following Jesus is not exempt from its potential effects. It is essential to recognize that feelings of anxiety can manifest differently for each individual. United City Church acknowledges the importance of addressing these concerns and providing support within our community.

The Nature of Anxiety

Anxiety can stem from various sources such as uncertainty, change, or a lack of control. When it comes to following Jesus, it is not uncommon to experience anxiety due to the profound commitment and surrender it requires. The path of faith often involves stepping into the unknown and relinquishing personal desires and ambitions. These transitions can trigger feelings of apprehension and unease, ultimately causing anxiety.

Finding Peace in Faith

While anxiety may be a part of the journey, United City Church firmly believes that faith can provide solace and support during these moments. Jesus taught his disciples not to be anxious about tomorrow and to trust in God's provision. By placing our trust in God and His ultimate plan, we can find peace even in the midst of uncertainty.

Navigating Anxiety through Spiritual Practices

United City Church encourages its members to explore various spiritual practices that can help alleviate anxiety and strengthen their connection with God. These practices offer a foundation to ground oneself in faith, find inner peace, and discern God's guidance in their lives.

Prayer and Meditation

Prayer and meditation are powerful tools that enable individuals to express their worries, fears, and desires to God. Taking time to quiet the mind, reflect on Scripture, and seek God's presence can help reduce anxiety and provide a sense of calmness. At United City Church, we offer prayer gatherings and meditation sessions to support our community in their spiritual journey.

Community Support

Being part of a faith community can significantly contribute to managing anxiety as you walk on your journey with Jesus. United City Church provides a welcoming and inclusive environment where individuals can share their experiences, seek guidance, and find encouragement from fellow believers. Our support groups and mentorship programs offer safe spaces for open dialogue and shared burdens.

Studying Scripture

Delving into the teachings of the Bible allows individuals to develop a deeper understanding of God's character and promises. As we gain a more comprehensive knowledge of God's faithfulness, grace, and love, we can find comfort and strength in the midst of anxiety. United City Church offers Bible study classes and resources to help individuals engage with Scripture and find relevant guidance.

Professional Support and Guidance

While spiritual practices are beneficial, United City Church understands that professional support may also be necessary when dealing with anxiety. Our mission is to provide holistic care for our community members. If you find that anxiety persists despite engaging in spiritual practices, we encourage seeking professional guidance from therapists, counselors, or mental health experts. These professionals can help explore the root causes of anxiety and develop coping strategies that align with your faith.


In conclusion, following Jesus can evoke feelings of anxiety due to the commitment and surrender it entails. United City Church recognizes the importance of addressing this topic within the context of faith and offers comprehensive support for individuals navigating this aspect of their spiritual journey. By understanding the nature of anxiety, engaging in spiritual practices, and seeking professional support when needed, it is possible to find peace and grow in faith while following Jesus. Join us at United City Church, where we walk alongside one another in our pursuit of a meaningful, anxiety-free life of faith.