Saint Agnes of Rome, our Patron Saint - St. Agnes Church

Dec 8, 2018


Welcome to the page dedicated to Saint Agnes of Rome, the beloved patron saint of United City Church. Discover the remarkable life and inspiring miracles of Saint Agnes, a symbol of faith and devotion. We invite you to explore the profound significance she holds for our community and the strong influence she has had on our church.

Early Life

Saint Agnes was born in Rome during the third century and grew up in a devout Christian family. Her unwavering faith and virtuous life were evident from a young age, as she dedicated herself to prayer and the study of Holy Scriptures. Despite her tender years, Agnes possessed remarkable wisdom and displayed immense compassion towards those in need.

Vows of Chastity

One of the most striking aspects of Saint Agnes' life is her commitment to preserving her purity and dedicating herself to God. Even at a young age, she made a vow of chastity, pledging herself to Christ alone. Despite numerous suitors and the pressures of the world, Agnes stood firm in her faith, ultimately becoming a symbol of purity and virtue.

Martyrdom and Miracles

During the time of intense persecution against Christians, Saint Agnes refused to renounce her faith. Her refusal enraged the authorities, who subjected her to unimaginable tortures. Miraculously, Agnes remained unharmed, protected by God's divine intervention. The stories of her miraculous escapes and courage spread throughout Rome, inspiring many to embrace Christianity.

Patronage and Significance

Saint Agnes is recognized as the patron saint of young girls, chastity, and engaged couples. Her unwavering devotion to God and her purity make her a powerful intercessor for those seeking guidance and protection in matters of the heart. At United City Church, we hold Saint Agnes dear and look to her as a role model of faith and resilience.

Legacy and Devotion

Throughout the centuries, Saint Agnes has been revered and celebrated by millions around the world. Her feast day, observed on January 21st, serves as a reminder of her enduring legacy. Devotees flock to St. Agnes Church to pay tribute to this remarkable saint, seeking her intercession for their own prayer intentions and acknowledging her powerful presence within our community.


Saint Agnes of Rome, our patron saint, continues to inspire and guide us as we navigate our own spiritual journeys. Her unwavering faith, incredible courage, and dedication to purity make her a timeless symbol of virtue and devotion. At United City Church, we cherish the powerful influence of Saint Agnes and strive to embody her values in our daily lives. Join us as we honor and celebrate the life of this remarkable saint!