Paraklesis/Moleben Evening Services begin at St. Sava

Aug 12, 2023

Witness the Spiritual Power at United City Church

Welcome to United City Church, an inclusive and vibrant community that seeks to bring people closer to their faith, spirituality, and each other. Our Paraklesis/Moleben Evening Services at St. Sava are an event you don't want to miss. Starting from January 21, join us every Friday to experience a time of reflection, prayer, and spiritual connection.

Immerse Yourself in Uplifting Services

At United City Church, we believe that communal worship is an essential part of nurturing one's spirituality and finding solace in the divine. Our Paraklesis/Moleben Evening Services provide a unique opportunity to gather together as a community and lift our prayers to God. Held at the beautiful St. Sava, a place of worship and serenity, these services create an atmosphere of tranquility and connection with the divine presence.

Discover the Power of Paraklesis/Moleben Prayers

Paraklesis/Moleben is a form of intercessory prayer in the Eastern Orthodox Christian tradition. It is a service where participants seek the intercession and consolation of the Virgin Mary or other saints. During the Paraklesis/Moleben Evening Services, our experienced clergy will lead us in praying for the specific needs and challenges of our community, society, and the world at large. Together, we embrace the power of collective prayer and strengthen our relationships with one another and with God.

A Warm and Inviting Community

At United City Church, we value the sense of belonging and togetherness that comes from being part of a supportive faith community. Our Paraklesis/Moleben Evening Services offer a warm and inviting environment where you can connect with fellow believers, share your joys and concerns, and find comfort in the presence of others who share the same faith and beliefs. You will discover a community that supports your journey and provides opportunities for fellowship, growth, and service.

Experience the Transformative Power of Faith

By joining us for the Paraklesis/Moleben Evening Services, you open yourself up to the transformative power of faith. These services allow you to dive deeper into your spirituality, finding solace and strength in your relationship with God and fellow believers. Through the power of prayer, reflection, and worship, you can experience a profound connection with the divine and discover inner peace in the midst of life's challenges.

Get Involved and Make a Difference

United City Church is not just a place for passive participation; we encourage active engagement and making a positive impact in the world around us. Alongside our Paraklesis/Moleben Evening Services, we offer various programs and initiatives that allow individuals to contribute to the betterment of the community. From community service projects to educational events, we provide opportunities for spiritual growth, learning, and serving others.

Join Us at St. Sava for a Life-Changing Experience

If you are seeking a place where your faith can flourish, where you can find support and encouragement, and where you can make a difference in the world, United City Church is the ideal community for you. Our Paraklesis/Moleben Evening Services at St. Sava await your presence, offering you the chance to explore the depths of your spirituality, connect with fellow believers, and be part of a loving and compassionate community.

Mark your calendar for every Friday starting from January 21 and join us at St. Sava for the Paraklesis/Moleben Evening Services. Experience the uplifting atmosphere, engage in powerful prayers, and discover spiritual growth and community at United City Church.

Brad Nadolson
This sounds like a wonderful opportunity for spiritual growth and connection. 🙏💫
Oct 10, 2023