Who was Saint Sava?

Dec 22, 2020

At United City Church, we celebrate the life and legacy of Saint Sava, a revered figure in the Christian world. As a symbol of faith and beliefs, Saint Sava holds a significant place within our close-knit community. Join us as we explore the incredible story of this remarkable saint and his contributions to the religious landscape.

The Early Years

Saint Sava, born Rastko Nemanjić, came into the world in the year 1174 in what is now modern-day Serbia. As the son of the powerful ruler Stefan Nemanja, young Rastko witnessed firsthand the complexities of politics and power. However, his deep-rooted spirituality led him on a different path, one that would shape the course of his life and impact generations to come.

A Journey of Faith

Driven by a desire for spiritual enlightenment, Rastko renounced his royal title and embarked on a journey to find meaning and purpose beyond worldly possessions. He sought guidance from various monastic communities and eventually found solace on the sacred Mount Athos, a prominent center for Eastern Orthodox monasticism.

Under the guidance of revered monks, Rastko embraced a life of asceticism and dedicated himself to prayer, meditation, and study of Holy Scriptures. His unwavering commitment to his faith earned him admiration and respect among fellow monks and religious scholars.

A Vision of Unity

Saint Sava's spiritual journey ignited a deep passion within him to bridge the divides that marred the Christian world. He became determined to establish an autocephalous Serbian Orthodox Church, free from external influences, and to unite the believers under one unified faith.

In 1219, Saint Sava's vision became a reality as he was consecrated as the first Archbishop of Serbia. His tireless efforts to organize the ecclesiastical structure and establish a solid foundation for the Serbian Orthodox Church were met with resounding success.

Building a Legacy

Saint Sava's contributions extended beyond his ecclesiastical achievements. He played a pivotal role in the development and codification of the Serbian language, creating the first standardized Serbian alphabet known as the Cyrillic script. This monumental accomplishment allowed the dissemination of religious and literary works to a wider audience, fostering cultural growth and solidarity.

Furthermore, Saint Sava initiated educational reforms, establishing schools and monastic centers throughout Serbia. His commitment to education and enlightenment ensured that future generations would have access to knowledge and spiritual guidance.

A Saint Remembered

Saint Sava's legacy continues to thrive through the United City Church and the countless individuals who are inspired by his devotion and teachings. His memory serves as a guiding light, reminding us of the importance of faith, unity, and service to others.

Join us at United City Church as we honor the life of Saint Sava and explore the timeless wisdom he imparted. Embrace his teachings and let his story inspire your own spiritual journey.


Saint Sava, a revered saint and symbol of faith, remains a beacon of hope and inspiration within the United City Church community. His unwavering commitment to his beliefs, his efforts to unite believers, and his lasting contributions to the Serbian Orthodox Church and culture make him an influential figure in the history of Christianity.

Discover the transformative power of Saint Sava's life and teachings as you delve deeper into the rich tapestry of his remarkable story. Embrace the message of unity, faith, and education that has touched countless lives throughout the generations.

Helene Kwong
Fascinating account of a remarkable figure in Christianity.
Oct 8, 2023