The Meaning of Easter Eggs and Color

Feb 17, 2018


Welcome to United City Church's page dedicated to exploring the rich symbolism behind Easter eggs and the significance of color in this cherished Easter tradition. We invite you to embark on a journey of discovery and learn about the spiritual message these beautifully colored eggs carry.

The History of Easter Eggs

Easter eggs have a long-standing association with the celebration of Easter and hold deep meaning within various cultures around the world. This centuries-old tradition can be traced back to ancient civilizations such as the Egyptians, Persians, and Greeks, who exchanged eggs to symbolize rebirth and fertility.

In Christian tradition, Easter eggs became especially prominent due to their connection with the resurrection of Jesus Christ. They represent the tomb from which Jesus emerged, signifying new life, hope, and the victory over death. As the Church evolved, different customs and practices surrounding Easter eggs emerged, each carrying its own spiritual significance.

Symbols and Colors

Colors play a crucial role in the symbolism of Easter eggs. Each hue carries its own meaning and adds depth to the story they tell. Let's explore some of the most common colors and their associated symbolism:

1. Red

Red is closely related to the blood of Christ and represents the sacrifice He made for humanity. It embodies love, passion, and the ultimate act of redemption.

2. White

White symbolizes purity, innocence, and the divine light of Christ. It represents the joy and newness of life found in the resurrection, reflecting God's grace and forgiveness.

3. Gold

Gold signifies kingship, glory, and the eternal riches of Heaven. It represents Christ's divinity and the promise of eternal life through faith in Him.

4. Green

Green is often associated with growth, renewal, and the spring season. It symbolizes the new life and abundant grace that Jesus offers to all who believe in Him.

5. Blue

Blue represents the heavenly realm and is associated with calmness, faith, and trust. It reminds believers of the promise of salvation and the peace that comes from a relationship with God.

6. Purple

Purple is traditionally linked to royalty and majesty. It symbolizes the kingship of Jesus Christ and reminds us of His sovereign authority over all things.

Colored Eggs and Pascha Sunday

Colored eggs hold great significance in the Orthodox Christian tradition, especially on Pascha Sunday. Pascha, the Greek word for Easter, marks the resurrection of Jesus and is celebrated with joy and reverence.

During the Paschal season, Orthodox Christians prepare special eggs known as Pysanky or Paschal eggs. These are intricately decorated with vibrant colors and religious symbols, representing various aspects of the Christian faith.

The Process of Coloring Eggs

The creation of Pysanky involves a meticulous process that has been passed down through generations. The eggs are first emptied of their contents through a small hole, allowing them to be preserved for years to come. Using beeswax and a stylus called a kistka, intricate designs are carefully drawn onto the eggshell, creating a barrier for the dye.

The eggs are then dipped into vibrant colored dyes, usually starting with lighter shades and progressing to darker ones. Each dip deepens the color and reveals new layers of the design. Finally, the wax is melted off to reveal the completed masterpiece, which serves as a joyful reminder of Christ's resurrection.

The Symbolism of Paschal Eggs

Paschal eggs hold immense symbolism within Orthodox Christianity. The process of creating these eggs and their decorative elements carry spiritual messages:

  • The use of beeswax symbolizes the purity and sweetness of Christ.
  • The stylus used to draw on the eggs represents the writer of life, who is God Himself.
  • The vibrant colors embody the transformative power of Christ's resurrection, bringing light and joy into the world.
  • The intricate designs reflect the richness of God's creation and the depth of His love for humanity.
  • Each egg is a unique expression of faith, reminding believers of their individual journey with Christ.


In conclusion, Easter eggs and their colors hold profound spiritual significance, reminding us of the hope and joy found in the resurrection of Jesus Christ. United City Church invites you to embrace this beautiful tradition, appreciate its rich symbolism, and allow it to deepen your faith.

As we celebrate Easter, may the colored eggs serve as a visual representation of the love, sacrifice, and eternal life that Jesus offers to all who believe in Him. Join us on Pascha Sunday, April 16th, as we come together to rejoice in God's boundless grace.

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