Traditional Djurdjevdanski Uranak takes place at St. Sava Merrillville

Dec 17, 2022

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Join us for the Annual Traditional Djurdjevdanski Uranak

United City Church proudly invites you to the traditional Djurdjevdanski Uranak celebration held at St. Sava Merrillville on Saturday, May 7. This vibrant and culturally rich event is open to all community members interested in experiencing the Serbian heritage and traditions.

A Celebration of Serbian Culture

The Traditional Djurdjevdanski Uranak is a celebration deeply rooted in Serbian culture and folklore. It commemorates the feast day of St. George, the patron saint of Serbia. This event represents an opportunity for the community to honor its heritage while fostering togetherness and unity.

Immerse Yourself in Serbian Music and Dance

During the celebration, guests will indulge in the lively sounds of traditional Serbian music and witness captivating folk dances performed by talented local groups. The rhythmic beats and vibrant costumes will transport you to the heart of Serbia, showcasing the country's rich cultural tapestry.

Delight in Traditional Serbian Cuisine

No cultural celebration is complete without delicious food. At the Djurdjevdanski Uranak, you'll have the opportunity to savor authentic Serbian cuisine prepared with love and care. From savory Ćevapi and juicy pljeskavica to mouthwatering Burek and sweet tulumba, the flavors will leave you craving more.

Engage in Community Activities

This event encourages active participation and engagement from all attendees. Take part in traditional games, arts and crafts, and interactive workshops that provide a glimpse into Serbian customs. Connect with fellow community members, forge new friendships, and create lasting memories.

Building Bridges and Fostering Unity

United City Church firmly believes in the power of unity and diversity. By hosting events like the Traditional Djurdjevdanski Uranak, we aim to build bridges between various cultures, creating a harmonious and inclusive community.

Join United City Church and Celebrate Together

Whether you're of Serbian descent or simply curious about different cultures, the Traditional Djurdjevdanski Uranak is a fantastic opportunity to immerse yourself in Serbian traditions. Join us at St. Sava Merrillville on Saturday, May 7, and experience an unforgettable celebration of faith, music, dance, and mouthwatering cuisine.

United City Church invites you to be a part of this joyous event where diverse backgrounds come together, celebrate traditions, and embrace unity. Don't miss out on this unique cultural experience!

Contact United City Church for more information on this event and discover the warmth and friendship of our community. We look forward to welcoming you with open arms.

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Donald McLee
Such a wonderful event, 🎉 bringing people together in celebration and spiritual growth! 🙌🌿
Nov 11, 2023