Akathist at St. Sava Church: St. Nicholas the Wonderworker

Jan 15, 2021


Welcome to the United City Church, where we are dedicated to celebrating and nurturing our faith in a close-knit community. Join us for the powerful Akathist at St. Sava Church, a special event dedicated to St. Nicholas the Wonderworker.

The Significance of Akathist

Akathist is a prayer service that holds great significance for followers of the Orthodox Christian faith. The word "akathist" originates from the Greek language, where "a-" denotes negation and "kathistos" means "sitting." In essence, it signifies the standing nature of this prayer service. Participants stand throughout the service to show their reverence and dedication to the prayers being offered.

The Akathist at St. Sava Church honors St. Nicholas the Wonderworker, a beloved saint revered for his many miracles and acts of compassion. It is held on Thursday, December 17th, and celebrates the life and teachings of this extraordinary saint. Through this Akathist, we seek his intercession for our needs and thank him for his divine intervention in countless lives.

Joining the Akathist at St. Sava Church

At United City Church, we warmly invite everyone, whether you are a regular attendee or visiting for the first time, to join us for this meaningful event. The Akathist at St. Sava Church provides a unique opportunity to connect with our faith community, share in a profound spiritual experience, and deepen our relationship with St. Nicholas the Wonderworker.

During the Akathist, the church is filled with beautiful hymns, prayers, and the fragrance of incense. The atmosphere is one of deep devotion and spiritual contemplation. You will join fellow believers in communal prayer, expressing gratitude for St. Nicholas' intercessions and seeking his continued blessings.

Understanding St. Nicholas the Wonderworker

St. Nicholas, also known as Nicholas of Myra, was a 4th-century saint who lived in what is now modern-day Turkey. He dedicated his life to selflessly helping those in need and became revered for his generous acts of charity. Even to this day, his legacy continues, and millions of people worldwide look to him for inspiration and spiritual guidance.

St. Nicholas is particularly associated with the virtue of gift-giving, as stories of his secret donations to the poor and disadvantaged have been passed down through generations. He is not only a beloved figure for children during the Christmas season but also a symbol of compassion and selflessness for people of all ages.

The United City Church

As a community-focused church, United City Church is dedicated to creating a welcoming and inclusive environment for all individuals seeking to deepen their spiritual connection. Our mission is to foster a sense of belonging, inspire personal growth, and promote positive change within our community.

Located in the heart of United City, our church offers a wide range of religious services, events, and programs designed to serve people from diverse backgrounds and age groups. We strive to create a place where faith can be nurtured, relationships can flourish, and individuals can find solace and support.


The Akathist at St. Sava Church: St. Nicholas the Wonderworker is a deeply meaningful and spiritual event where participants come together to honor and seek the intercession of St. Nicholas. Join us at United City Church for this powerful prayer service, and experience the beauty and reverence of the Orthodox Christian tradition. Our welcoming community looks forward to sharing this sacred journey with you.

Sounds like a powerful event.
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