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Jun 20, 2021

The Journey of St. Sava's Uzelac

At United City Church, we are proud to have one of the most respected and experienced coaches, St. Sava's Uzelac, leading our high school team. With a rich background in college coaching, Uzelac brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to our community and society.

A Legacy of Success

Throughout his career, Coach Uzelac has achieved remarkable success. From his early days as a college coach to his current role at United City Church, his dedication and passion for the game have always been evident. His teams have consistently performed at the highest level, making him one of the most renowned coaches in the region.

Building Strong Foundations

Coach Uzelac understands the importance of building strong foundations, not only on the field but also in life. He believes that sports can teach valuable life lessons, including teamwork, discipline, perseverance, and leadership. These principles are at the core of our community at United City Church.

A Commitment to Excellence

At United City Church, we strive for excellence in all areas of our organization. With Coach Uzelac leading our high school team, we are able to provide exceptional coaching and mentorship, allowing our players to reach their full potential both on and off the field.

Developing Well-Rounded Athletes

Our program prioritizes the holistic development of our athletes. We believe that true success is not only measured by wins and losses but also by the character and personal growth of each individual. Coach Uzelac places great emphasis on developing well-rounded athletes who excel not only in sports but also in their academic pursuits and personal lives.

A Faith-Based Approach

At United City Church, faith is a central part of our community. We believe that the values and teachings found in our faith play a crucial role in shaping the lives of our athletes. With Coach Uzelac's guidance, our players learn to integrate their faith with their athletic endeavors, fostering a sense of purpose and meaning in their athletic journey.

Join Our Community

United City Church welcomes individuals who are passionate about sports, faith, and personal growth. Be a part of a community that encourages excellence, fosters leadership skills, and provides a nurturing environment for athletes to thrive.

Discover the United City Church Difference

When you join United City Church, you become a part of something greater than just a sports team. You become part of a community that values faith, integrity, and the pursuit of excellence. Experience the benefits of being a part of a supportive and uplifting environment where your athletic and spiritual growth are priorities.

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If you are interested in learning more about our high school team, Coach Uzelac, or our faith-based community, please don't hesitate to reach out. Contact United City Church today to discover the opportunities that await you.

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👏 Impressive coaching journey!
Oct 5, 2023