Join us for Zadusnice - Memorial Service at St. Sava

Nov 22, 2021

United City Church

Welcome to United City Church, a community of individuals joined by their faith and beliefs. We invite you to join us for a special memorial service, Zadusnice, held at St. Sava. This spiritual event holds significant importance in our community as we come together to honor and remember our loved ones who have passed away.

What is Zadusnice?

Zadusnice, also known as All Souls' Day, is a Serbian Orthodox memorial service held twice a year, once in the spring and once in the autumn. It is a time for reflection, prayer, and remembrance of our deceased family members and friends. The word "Zadusnice" itself translates to "Soul Saturdays." On this day, we gather at St. Sava to pay tribute to those who have passed and to find solace in spiritual unity.

The Significance of Zadusnice

Zadusnice holds deep cultural and spiritual significance within the Serbian Orthodox community. It is an opportunity to express our love and respect for our departed loved ones, ensuring they are not forgotten and their memories are cherished. The service provides a sense of connection and support, as we come together as a united community to offer prayers and reflect on the lives of those who have touched our hearts.

Join us on Saturday, March 5th

We invite you to join us on Saturday, March 5th, at St. Sava for our upcoming Zadusnice memorial service. The service will begin at 10:00 AM and will be followed by a communal gathering, where we can share stories, memories, and support for one another.

The Order of the Service

The Zadusnice memorial service at St. Sava follows a specific order, combining prayers, hymns, and rituals that hold great meaning within our faith. It is a beautiful and reverent experience that allows us to reconnect with our spirituality and remember the souls of our departed loved ones.

  • Opening Prayer: The service begins with an opening prayer, setting the tone for our collective remembrance.
  • Hymns and Prayers: Throughout the service, we will sing hymns and recite prayers dedicated to the departed souls.
  • Reading of the Names: As part of the service, we will read out the names of our loved ones, ensuring that each soul is acknowledged and remembered.
  • Candle Lighting: We will light candles in honor of the deceased, symbolizing the eternal light that shines upon their souls.
  • Ending Prayer: The service concludes with a final prayer, offering comfort and peace to all in attendance.

Experience a Meaningful and Uplifting Service

The Zadusnice memorial service at St. Sava is an opportunity for personal reflection and communal support. It allows us to come together as a united community, sharing our grief and finding strength within our faith. The experience is both meaningful and uplifting, providing a sense of peace and connection that transcends the challenges of our daily lives.

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Guillermo Merchan
Beautiful way to remember. 🌹
Nov 8, 2023
Michael Bowe
🙏 Join us for Zadusnice at St. Sava! Let's pay tribute to our loved ones and come together as a community in remembrance. 🕯️
Oct 15, 2023