February 2016 – Saint Sava Serbian Orthodox Church - United City Church

Jan 31, 2022

The United City Church Welcomes You

Welcome to the official February 2016 page of the United City Church - Saint Sava Serbian Orthodox Church, a vibrant and inclusive community dedicated to nurturing faith and beliefs. As a pillar of the Community and Society, we are committed to serving and engaging with people from all walks of life.

Our Community and Society

At United City Church, we believe that a strong community plays an integral role in the spiritual growth of individuals. Our focus is not only on fostering faith but also on creating a sense of togetherness, support, and belonging. We actively engage with our community and society through various programs, events, and services that cater to people of all ages and backgrounds.

Faith and Beliefs

Our foundation is built on unwavering faith and beliefs rooted in the teachings of Saint Sava, the influential founder of the Serbian Orthodox Church. We seek to inspire, educate, and empower individuals to deepen their understanding of the Orthodox faith, guiding them on a path towards spiritual enlightenment and personal growth.

Upcoming Events and Celebrations

Celebrating the Life of Saint Sava

Join us on February 14th as we gather to celebrate the life and teachings of our patron saint, Saint Sava. This special event will include a solemn liturgy, traditional rituals, and inspiring sermons. It is an opportunity for our community to come together and honor the legacy of Saint Sava, a beacon of hope and strength.

Community Service and Outreach Program

At United City Church, we firmly believe in the power of giving back to society. On February 22nd, we will be organizing a community service and outreach program aimed at supporting those in need. Through acts of kindness, we strive to make a positive impact on the lives of individuals and families facing challenging circumstances.

Open Discussions and Spiritual Workshops

Throughout the month, we will be hosting open discussions and spiritual workshops to encourage meaningful conversations and intellectual growth within our community. These interactive sessions allow individuals to explore various aspects of faith and beliefs, fostering a deeper connection with their spiritual journey.

Get Involved and Stay Connected

We welcome individuals of all backgrounds who are interested in joining our community and exploring the teachings of Saint Sava. Whether you are seeking solace, knowledge, or a sense of belonging, our doors are open. Discover the joy of being part of a community that shares a common goal of spiritual upliftment and personal development.

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United City Church - Saint Sava Serbian Orthodox Church welcomes you to the February 2016 page. Join us in celebration, service, learning, and unity. Explore the depths of your faith and beliefs as we journey together towards spiritual fulfillment. We look forward to connecting with you and making a positive impact on our community and society.