Sheila Schildbach - St. Pius X Catholic Parish

Mar 19, 2019

About Sheila Schildbach

Sheila Schildbach is a vital member of the staff at St. Pius X Catholic Parish, a vibrant community within the United City Church. With her unwavering faith and commitment, Sheila plays a crucial role in creating an inclusive and supportive environment for members of the parish to connect with their spirituality.

Role at St. Pius X Catholic Parish

As a dedicated staff member, Sheila Schildbach serves as the Coordinator of Community Engagement at St. Pius X Catholic Parish. Her primary responsibilities include organizing various community-driven events and programs aimed at fostering a sense of togetherness and belonging among the parishioners.

Community and Society

St. Pius X Catholic Parish, under the umbrella of the United City Church, belongs to the category of Community and Society - Faith and Beliefs. This vibrant community is dedicated to strengthening bonds of faith and creating opportunities for personal growth and spiritual development.

Championing Faith and Beliefs

Sheila's deep-rooted faith and passion for building strong connections within the community have made her an invaluable asset to the United City Church. With an unwavering commitment to championing faith and beliefs, Sheila plays an instrumental role in shaping the spiritual experience of each member of St. Pius X Catholic Parish.

Inclusive Community Events

Sheila believes in the power of inclusive community events to bring people together and strengthen their spiritual journey. Under her guidance, St. Pius X Catholic Parish organizes regular events such as prayer gatherings, retreats, and spiritual workshops that provide individuals with the opportunity to connect with their faith and beliefs on a deeper level.

Supportive Programs for All Ages

Recognizing the importance of catering to members of all age groups, Sheila ensures that St. Pius X Catholic Parish offers a diverse range of supportive programs. These programs include youth ministries, adult faith formation, and sacramental preparation, each tailored to meet the unique needs of individuals at different stages of their spiritual journey.

Personal Approach to Spiritual Guidance

Sheila Schildbach has built a reputation for her compassionate and personal approach to spiritual guidance. Whether it's offering counsel during difficult times, providing guidance on religious practices, or conducting individual prayer sessions, Sheila aims to create a safe and nurturing space where individuals can explore their faith and find solace.

Embracing Diversity and Inclusivity

United City Church holds the values of diversity and inclusivity at its core, with St. Pius X Catholic Parish actively embodying these principles. Sheila Schildbach works tirelessly to ensure that all individuals, regardless of background or circumstance, feel welcomed and accepted within the parish community.

Join the St. Pius X Catholic Parish Community

If you're searching for a welcoming and inclusive community that values faith and beliefs, consider joining the St. Pius X Catholic Parish community within the United City Church. Experience the transformative power of connecting with like-minded individuals and growing in your spiritual journey under the guidance of passionate staff members like Sheila Schildbach.


Sheila Schildbach has truly made a difference in the lives of countless individuals at St. Pius X Catholic Parish. Through her dedication, compassion, and commitment to fostering faith and beliefs, she plays an integral role in creating a thriving spiritual community within United City Church. Join Sheila and the welcoming community at St. Pius X Catholic Parish to embark on a journey of faith, personal growth, and community engagement.

Connor James
Sheila's passion and faith illuminate St. Pius X Parish.
Oct 12, 2023