Fall Folklore Festival 2016 takes place at St. Sava

Jan 13, 2023

Welcome to the United City Church's Fall Folklore Festival 2016! This year, we are excited to invite you to join us at the iconic St. Sava on Saturday, October 15. Get ready to immerse yourself in a celebration of our community's rich traditions, music, and food as we come together to honor our diverse cultural heritage.

Experience the Festival Atmosphere

The Fall Folklore Festival is a much-anticipated event in our community, and this year promises to be our best one yet! Whether you are new to the festival or a returning attendee, get ready to be captivated by the lively atmosphere, vibrant performances, and mouthwatering flavors.

Celebrating Our Cultural Heritage

At the United City Church, we believe in celebrating and embracing the diversity of our community. The Fall Folklore Festival provides a platform for us to showcase the traditions and customs that make us who we are. From the moment you step foot on the festival grounds, you'll be transported to a world filled with music, dance, and captivating stories.

Unforgettable Performances

Prepare to be amazed by a lineup of exceptional performers who will grace our festival stages. From traditional dance troupes to talented musicians, our stage will be brimming with energy and talent. Let the rhythmic beats and soul-stirring melodies ignite your spirit and leave you with memories that will last a lifetime.

Taste the Flavors

No festival is complete without indulging in delicious cuisine, and the Fall Folklore Festival is no exception. Discover a wide array of delectable dishes that will delight your taste buds and introduce you to new flavors. From savory to sweet, our food vendors will showcase the best of our community's culinary traditions.

Engage in Cultural Experiences

Immerse yourself in the cultural experiences we have prepared for you. Participate in hands-on workshops where you can learn traditional crafts, create beautiful artworks, and even try your hand at some dance moves. Discover the intricacies of different cultures and deepen your appreciation for the diversity that makes our community thrive.

Opportunities for Sponsorship

We invite local businesses and organizations to become sponsors of the Fall Folklore Festival. By sponsoring our event, you not only align your brand with our values of community, diversity, and cultural preservation but also gain valuable exposure to our festival attendees. Contact us today to explore available sponsorship opportunities.

Join Us at St. Sava

Don't miss out on this incredible celebration of community, heritage, and joy! Mark your calendar for Saturday, October 15, and make your way to St. Sava. Admission is free, and the festival promises to be an experience like no other. Gather your friends, family, and loved ones, and be a part of the Fall Folklore Festival 2016!

Christy Blocker
I can't wait! πŸŽ‰
Nov 11, 2023
Judy Kennedy
Looking forward to celebrating our cultural heritage at St. Sava's Fall Folklore Festival! πŸ₯³πŸŽΆπŸ²
Oct 13, 2023