Giving to Saint Agnes Parish

Feb 20, 2021

Join Us in Making a Positive Impact

Welcome to United City Church's Giving page, where you can find information about giving back to the vibrant community of Saint Agnes Parish. We believe that giving is an integral part of our faith and plays a significant role in making a positive impact on the lives of others.

Why Giving Matters

Giving is not just an act of generosity; it is an expression of our deep-rooted beliefs and commitment to our community. At United City Church, we recognize the importance of giving and aim to create a culture of compassion and kindness. By giving to Saint Agnes Parish, you can contribute to the well-being and growth of our community.

Ways You Can Contribute

Financial Donations

One of the most impactful ways to support Saint Agnes Parish is through financial contributions. Your donations help fund various initiatives, including educational programs, community outreach, and support services for those in need. Whether it's a one-time donation or a recurring monthly contribution, every dollar makes a difference.

Volunteer Opportunities

Not everyone may be able to contribute financially, but there are numerous volunteer opportunities available for individuals who want to make a difference through their time and skills. By volunteering at Saint Agnes Parish, you can actively participate in activities such as mentoring, organizing events, providing assistance to those in need, and much more. Your support can have a meaningful impact on individuals and families.

In-Kind Donations

In addition to financial contributions, in-kind donations play a vital role in supporting the programs and services offered by Saint Agnes Parish. Whether it's donating food, clothing, educational materials, or other necessary supplies, your generosity can directly impact the lives of those in our community.

Charitable Initiatives and Programs

United City Church, along with Saint Agnes Parish, is actively involved in several charitable initiatives and programs that aim to uplift the community. Our programs include:

1. Education Scholarships

We believe in the power of education to transform lives, which is why we offer scholarships to deserving students in need. These scholarships provide financial assistance for tuition, books, and other educational expenses, ensuring that every individual has the opportunity to pursue their academic dreams.

2. Community Outreach

Through our community outreach programs, we strive to address the diverse needs of the community. These programs include providing support to local shelters, organizing food drives, conducting health and wellness workshops, and offering counseling services. By actively engaging with the community, we aim to create a stronger, more inclusive environment for all.

3. Youth Development

Investing in the youth is crucial for building a better future. Our youth development programs empower young individuals by offering mentorship, career guidance, and opportunities for personal growth. We believe in nurturing their talents and providing a supportive environment where they can thrive.

4. Elderly Care

We recognize the value and wisdom that our elderly community members bring. Through our elderly care initiatives, we provide companionship, assistance, and resources to enhance their quality of life. We organize social events, offer transportation services, and ensure their well-being is a priority.

How to Get Involved

If you are passionate about making a difference and want to contribute to the thriving community of Saint Agnes Parish, there are several ways to get involved:

  1. Visit our website at for more information and to donate online.
  2. Contact our dedicated team at [email protected] to discuss ways you can contribute.
  3. Join us during our community events and fundraisers to learn more about our initiatives and lend your support.


At United City Church, we firmly believe in the power of giving. By giving to Saint Agnes Parish, you become an essential part of a vibrant community that continuously strives to uplift and support one another. Your contributions, whether financial or through volunteerism, have a lasting impact and enable us to create a brighter future for all. Together, let's build a community rooted in love, compassion, and faith.

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