What God Wants For Christmas - Living Faith Church

Oct 22, 2017


Welcome to United City Church, where we believe in celebrating the true spirit of Christmas. Our sermon series, What God Wants For Christmas, dives deep into the message of love, faith, and hope. In this festive season, we bring you an opportunity to reconnect with your spiritual self, finding solace and inspiration in the teachings of Christ.

Discover the True Meaning of Christmas

Christmas may often be associated with gifts, decorations, and festivities, but at Living Faith Church, we emphasize the true significance of this holiday. We believe that Christmas is a time to reflect upon the birth of Jesus Christ, to focus on our faith, and to extend love and warmth to all those around us.

A Joyous Sermon Series

Our sermon series, What God Wants For Christmas, goes beyond the surface-level celebrations and delves into the deeper meaning of this special season. As we come together as a community, we explore the teachings of Jesus and understand the significance of living a life in alignment with God's will.

Key Themes Explored

  • Faith: Discover the power of faith and its role in shaping our lives during the Christmas season.
  • Love: Explore the profound love that God has for humanity and learn how we can reciprocate that love towards others.
  • Hope: Find hope in the message of Christ's birth, understanding that there is always light in dark times.
  • Community: Experience the unity and support of our faith community, as we come together to celebrate Christmas.
  • Gratitude: Cultivate a spirit of gratitude as we recognize the blessings in our lives and express our thankfulness to God.

Join Us in Celebration

Worship Services

At United City Church, we invite you to join us in our worship services during the Christmas season. Experience the joy, peace, and spiritual renewal that comes from connecting with God and fellow believers. Our services are filled with inspiring music, heartfelt prayers, and engaging sermons that touch the depths of your soul.

Christmas Eve Service

Join us for a special Christmas Eve service, filled with candlelight, carols, and a reflection on the birth of Jesus. This cherished tradition will help you embrace the true spirit of Christmas and feel the warmth of God's love.

Community Outreach

Christmas is a time for giving and showing compassion. As part of our commitment to our faith and beliefs, United City Church actively participates in various community outreach programs during the holiday season. We believe in spreading love and extending a helping hand to those in need, reflecting the teachings of Christ.

Charitable Initiatives

Through our charitable initiatives, we aim to bring hope and joy to individuals and families facing challenges. Whether it's providing food and shelter for the less fortunate or organizing events that bring smiles to children's faces, our outreach programs embody the true essence of Christmas.

Embrace the Christmas Spirit

As you celebrate this festive season, we encourage you to reflect on the message of hope, love, and faith brought forth by the birth of Jesus Christ. Allow these teachings to guide your actions, inspire compassion, and strengthen your relationship with God. Let us come together as a community and make a positive impact during this joyous occasion.

Visit United City Church

If you are seeking a place to connect with others who share your beliefs, United City Church welcomes you with open arms. We strive to create an atmosphere of warmth, inclusivity, and spiritual growth, providing a supportive community for your journey of faith. Join us and experience the true joy of Christmas!