Kolo Sisters - Empowering Women through Faith and Beliefs

Apr 29, 2019

Welcome to Kolo Sisters, an inspiring community within United City Church that celebrates and supports women on their journey of faith and personal growth. We are dedicated to creating a safe and uplifting space where women can come together, connect, and grow in their spiritual lives.

Our Mission

At Kolo Sisters, our mission is to empower women to discover and embrace their purpose, strength, and potential through faith and beliefs. We believe that every woman has a unique story and a divine calling, and we are here to help ignite that fire within her.

Join Us for Faith-Filled Gatherings

Our community gathers regularly to worship, study the Word, and encourage one another. Through our faith-filled gatherings, we aim to create an atmosphere of spiritual growth, where women can experience deep connections with God and each other.

Whether it's through our uplifting Sunday services, inspiring women's conferences, or intimate small groups, we provide various opportunities for women to engage in meaningful conversations, share their struggles and victories, and build lifelong friendships.

Embrace Personal Growth and Development

At Kolo Sisters, we believe in nurturing personal growth and development. We offer a wide range of resources, workshops, and mentoring programs designed to equip women with practical tools and knowledge to enhance their lives.

We understand that the journey of self-discovery and personal growth can be challenging at times. That's why we provide a supportive and encouraging network of women who are eager to walk alongside you and cheer you on in your pursuit of a purpose-driven life.

Find Connection within a Supportive Community

Connecting with like-minded women who share similar values and aspirations is essential for personal and spiritual well-being. Through Kolo Sisters, you will find a welcoming and inclusive community that fosters authentic relationships and genuine connections.

Our community events and gatherings are designed to break down barriers and create an environment of trust, vulnerability, and love. Whether you're a student, a working professional, a mother, or a retiree, we embrace diversity and welcome women from all walks of life.

Get Involved and Make a Difference

If you're passionate about making a positive impact in the world around you, Kolo Sisters offers a range of volunteer opportunities and outreach programs. We believe in taking action and positively influencing our communities through acts of kindness, service, and support.

From partnering with local organizations to organizing charity drives, we actively seek ways to extend love and compassion to those in need. Together, we can make a difference and leave a lasting impact on our communities.

Experience the Power of Faith and Beliefs

At Kolo Sisters, we believe in the power of faith and beliefs to transform lives. We understand that spirituality is a personal journey, and we respect and honor each woman's unique path. Our community provides a nurturing space where you can explore and deepen your relationship with God.

Through inspiring worship, engaging teachings, and supportive mentorship, we are committed to helping women connect with their spirituality, discover their purpose, and walk confidently in their God-given identity.

Start Your Journey with Kolo Sisters Today

If you're ready to embark on a journey of empowerment, personal growth, and connection, we invite you to join us at Kolo Sisters within United City Church. Our enthusiastic and welcoming community is here to walk alongside you, inspire you, and celebrate your unique story.

Experience the joy of authentic connections, the power of faith, and the support of a community that believes in your potential. Together, let's embrace our identities, impact the world with love, and leave a legacy of faith.

Are you ready to become part of the Kolo Sisters community? Contact us today and start your empowering journey with us!

Scott Shymick
Inspirational community for empowering women!
Nov 12, 2023