Meet the Staff at St. Pius X Catholic Parish

Nov 6, 2017

Welcome to the page dedicated to the devoted staff members at St. Pius X Catholic Parish, a vibrant community within United City Church. Our staff is committed to fostering a welcoming and inclusive environment, guiding individuals on their spiritual journey, and providing support for various faith and belief-related matters.

Rev. James Johnson - Senior Pastor

Rev. James Johnson leads our remarkable team as the Senior Pastor at St. Pius X Catholic Parish. With over 20 years of pastoral experience, Rev. Johnson brings a wealth of knowledge and compassion to his role. His sermons are thought-provoking and inspiring, encouraging congregants to deepen their faith and actively participate in community outreach programs.

Sister Mary Roberts - Director of Religious Education

Sister Mary Roberts serves as the Director of Religious Education at St. Pius X Catholic Parish. Her commitment to nurturing the spiritual growth of children, youth, and adults is unparalleled. Sister Mary is passionate about designing engaging educational programs that illuminate the principles of our faith and strengthen our community bonds.

Deacon John Thompson - Pastoral Care Coordinator

Deacon John Thompson plays a vital role as the Pastoral Care Coordinator at St. Pius X Catholic Parish. With sincere empathy and kindness, Deacon Thompson ensures that our community provides compassionate care and support to those in need. He organizes various pastoral care initiatives, including visitations, counseling services, and prayer vigils, to embrace those facing hardships.

Dr. Rachel Collins - Music Director

Dr. Rachel Collins, an exceptionally talented musician, leads our vibrant music ministry as the Music Director at St. Pius X Catholic Parish. Her dedication to creating uplifting worship experiences through harmonious melodies and soul-stirring hymns is awe-inspiring. Dr. Collins also oversees the vibrant choir and organizes regular musical events to enrich our worship services.

Thomas Anderson - Youth Ministry Coordinator

Thomas Anderson oversees the dynamic Youth Ministry at St. Pius X Catholic Parish, catering to the spiritual needs of our younger community members. With a passion for guiding the youth towards a deeper understanding of their faith, Thomas organizes engaging activities, retreats, and workshops that promote personal growth and foster a sense of belonging.

Emily Rodriguez - Community Outreach Coordinator

Emily Rodriguez is the dedicated Community Outreach Coordinator at St. Pius X Catholic Parish. Committed to extending our faith beyond our physical walls, Emily collaborates with local organizations, plans charitable initiatives, and spearheads community service programs. Her unwavering commitment to making a positive impact on society reflects the core values of our community.

Jason Rivera - Volunteer Coordinator

Jason Rivera plays a crucial role as the Volunteer Coordinator at St. Pius X Catholic Parish. His admirable organizational skills ensure the seamless coordination of volunteers in various ministries and outreach projects. Jason's warm-hearted approach and strong leadership qualities empower individuals to utilize their unique talents in service to others.


At St. Pius X Catholic Parish, our remarkable staff members form the backbone of our community, uplifting our spirits, guiding our spiritual journeys, and spreading the love and teachings of our faith. Together, they create an inclusive environment where individuals can find solace, grow in their beliefs, connect with others, and make a positive difference in society.

If you'd like to learn more about our dedicated staff or get involved in any of our ministries and programs, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us. We warmly welcome all individuals seeking a faith-based community that fosters personal and spiritual growth.

David Knowles
It's inspiring to see such a dedicated and diverse staff at St. Pius X Catholic Parish.
Oct 14, 2023