Seminarian Craig Alexander Featured on EWTN Program

Jan 15, 2021

Discover the Inspiring Journey of Craig Alexander

At United City Church, we are thrilled to share the incredible story of Seminarian Craig Alexander, a young man whose passion for faith and dedication to spreading love and compassion has made waves in the community. As a prominent figure in our church, Craig's recent feature on the renowned EWTN program has garnered widespread attention. Join us as we delve into his incredible journey, which is filled with moments of growth, devotion, and unwavering faith.

A Calling From Above

Craig's journey as a seminarian began with a profound sense of calling from above. From a young age, he felt a deep spiritual connection that led him on a path of exploration and self-discovery. As he delved deeper into his faith, Craig discovered a strong desire to serve God and the community.

Education and Formation

To prepare for his calling, Craig pursued rigorous education and formation opportunities. He embarked on an enriching academic journey, studying theology, the scriptures, and many other aspects of religious studies. Through his studies, he gained valuable knowledge and a solid foundation to guide his future endeavors.

Embracing the United City Church Community

Craig found a home at United City Church, where he was warmly embraced by a united community of like-minded individuals on their own unique spiritual paths. Here, he found mentorship and support, which proved instrumental in shaping his spiritual growth and development as a seminarian.

Service and Outreach

As a seminarian, Craig is deeply committed to serving the community and spreading love to those in need. He actively engages in various outreach programs and initiatives, working tirelessly to make a positive impact on the lives of others. Through his acts of service and unwavering dedication, he embodies the true spirit of selflessness and compassion.

Featured on EWTN Program

Craig's remarkable journey caught the attention of EWTN, a widely recognized television network that highlights inspiring stories of faith. Recently, he had the honor of being featured on one of their programs, where he shared his experiences, reflections, and the importance of faith in his life. This exposure on a renowned platform further amplifies Craig's message of hope and the power of spirituality in transforming lives.

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Terry Tong
Can't wait to watch his episode on EWTN, truly inspiring!
Nov 11, 2023
David Ziemann
Impressive journey!
Oct 14, 2023