THAT MAN IS YOU (TMIY) - St. Agnes Church

Sep 27, 2019

Welcome to THAT MAN IS YOU (TMIY) - St. Agnes Church, organized by United City Church. We are delighted to offer a faith-based program that aims to foster personal development, spiritual growth, and strong community bonds.


THAT MAN IS YOU (TMIY) is an engaging men's ministry program designed to help men become better leaders, husbands, and fathers. At St. Agnes Church, United City Church strongly believes in the power of faith to inspire personal growth and positively impact our families and communities.

Join the Movement

By participating in THAT MAN IS YOU (TMIY) at St. Agnes Church, you'll join a movement of men committed to deepening their faith, supporting one another on their spiritual journeys, and making a difference in the world. Our program provides a safe and inclusive space for men to build strong bonds, share experiences, and grow in their relationships with God.

Faith-Based Events

United City Church organizes a range of faith-based events as part of the THAT MAN IS YOU (TMIY) program. These events provide opportunities for men to come together, learn from each other, and strengthen their understanding of their faith.

The Power of Fellowship

Fellowship is an essential aspect of our program. Through group discussions, workshops, and shared experiences, men can develop lifelong friendships, access mentorship opportunities, and find encouragement along their individual journeys of faith.

Key Program Components

The THAT MAN IS YOU (TMIY) program combines educational content, group reflections, and spiritual guidance to create a comprehensive and impactful experience. Some key components include:

  • Interactive Presentations: Engaging presentations deliver thought-provoking content centered around faith, family, and personal development.
  • Small Group Discussions: In small groups, men can openly share their thoughts, experiences, and challenges, allowing for supportive conversations and personal growth.
  • Prayerful Reflection: Guided reflection exercises and prayer time provide opportunities for spiritual introspection and connection with a higher purpose.
  • Guest Speakers: Expert speakers and community leaders share insights and inspire participants with their wisdom and experiences.
  • Community Engagement: THAT MAN IS YOU (TMIY) encourages active involvement in community service projects, allowing men to put their faith into action and make a positive impact on society.

Get Involved Today

Are you ready to embark on a journey of personal growth, deepen your faith, and build lifelong friendships? Join THAT MAN IS YOU (TMIY) - St. Agnes Church, brought to you by United City Church. Discover the transformative power of faith, fellowship, and community. Register for our upcoming events or contact us to learn more about our program.

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Experience the life-changing impact of faith, fellowship, and community at THAT MAN IS YOU (TMIY) - St. Agnes Church. Together, we can grow and become better men, committed to our families, our communities, and our faith. Join us today!

Steven Jost
Wow, this is exactly what I've been looking for! I've heard great things about THAT MAN IS YOU (TMIY) program at St. Agnes Church. It's amazing how they focus on personal development, spiritual growth, and building strong community bonds for men. This is the perfect opportunity for men to become better leaders, husbands, and fathers. I can't wait to join and see the positive impact it has on my life! Thank you, United City Church, for organizing this incredible initiative.
Nov 11, 2023